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The earth is not flat!

BLOG POST: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019 – 9:45 p.m. PST

When I was in 1stgrade, I remember being fascinated with a globe that was in the school library at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School in St. Paul. I studied it with great wonder, always starting with where I lived in Minnesota and tracing my little index finger across the surface to imagine what it was like in places far away. Nearly 40 years later, my sense of wonder is greater than ever, and my index finger is of normal adult size. 

I bought a small light up globe for Kylie a few months ago to show her where daddy was going in February. I explained to her that I was flying to the other side of the earth – LITERALLY. I will be +13 hours ahead once we land in Vietnam; it’ll be tomorrow when it’s today at home. The reality of how far away I will be from home hit me today; this is just about as far away as I can get from where I live.

As I sit here on my 3 hour layover in the international terminal at SFO, I’m already feeling some distance from my everyday life. Kylie had a tough time saying goodbye when Lynn dropped us off at MSP; she knows in her own scale that daddy will be far away. If she only knew just how far that really is. The primary language being spoken at Gate A1 is no longer English as a few dozen of us await the arrival of the Korean Air 777 Dreamliner to arrive (pretty excited to fly on a 777 since the only time I’ve seen one up close was at the Boeing assembly plant in Everett, WA years ago). I am mentally preparing myself for the 13-hour transcontinental flight to Seoul, South Korea tonight, which will bring me worlds away. 

I’m excited. I’m a little nervous. But mostly, I am thankful. This personal journey would not be possible without Lynn’s support and Kylie’s bravery knowing I’ll come back home; thank you for holding the fort down for the week. This personal journey would not be possible without my mom (and my dad when he way alive), who always encouraged me to embrace my heritage and to be proud of who I am and where I came from. This trip would not be possible without the opportunity my company and my career have made available to my family to do the things we do for personal growth. And this trip would not be possible without the unconditional love and sacrifice given by my birth family, the blessed sisters at the Good Shepherd Orphanage, and everyone that worked to save as many children as they could from the brutalities of war.

Leg 1 of 3 is complete in my trek to the homeland. I will sleep (hopefully) for parts of this overnight flight and wake to a whole new world. My days and times will be scrambled but my vision and purpose will never be clearer; I’m going home.

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